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Self Care Prepping

So many times, we don't look to self care until we're past the point of desperately needing it. We plod through each day, dragging ourselves to the perceived finish line of the end of the day, the end of the week, or the end of the month, telling ourselves we'll do something (not sure what but something) when that time comes. Everything takes priority over our self care. But - what if? What if we prioritized our self care - not just when we desperately need it - but as a preventative, daily mindset - simply good health hygiene.? What might that look like?

Around here this week, that self-care preparation looks very much like homemade chocolate chip banana muffins ready for breakfast each morning. Each morning, I wake up and exercise before showering and preparing for the day. After that, I normally enjoy some coffee and quiet time before I start seeing clients, in order to center myself and to plan for the day. Breakfast, when it happens, is usually a bowl of cereal or a protein bar. This week, the thought of some healthy, homemade muffins with that cup of coffee feels like self care.

I'm setting an intention this week to mindfully create and prepare a few self care moments before I need them - a few moments each day as preventive moments - not looking to the finish line, the end of the day, or the end of the week, but looking to each moment, knowing I'm valuable and worth a few moments of self care just because.

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