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Morning time

Mornings here feel both full and quiet at the same time. Being able to sit in multiple truths at the same time allows me to recognize both of those things in the moment. Right now, it’s still fully dark when we wake up and let the dogs out. We awaken so early to allow us time to workout together. I won’t lie and say it’s always easy getting out of bed that early to go work out. Haha

After workout and showers, we sit quietly and read, prepare for the day, journal, etc. while having a cup of coffee while sitting in front of the fireplace. There’s something about a hot cup of coffee in front of a fireplace that slows everything down and creates the space in which to breathe. It grounds me, focuses me for the day ahead, and allows me to step purposefully into my work day.

Creating a space in which we can be both busy and quiet requires prior thought and preparation. We make sure we have workout clothes before the morning, have a plan for the workout (we use a specific streaming service), have our equipment in place to pull out, etc. Setting intentions in our hearts isn’t enough. We have to step through those intentions and follow through.

One side note - as part of setting ourselves up for success, we built a coffee bar (to be fully transparent, I also think they are so cool lol). I found a really cute little refrigerator just big enough for a few little bottles of creamer. It always makes fixing the coffee feel like I’m playing and is such a fun thing. Haha

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