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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Cozy Therapist! I'm Sandy, a licensed professional counselor living in Middle Tennessee with my husband, Macon, and our two dogs, Fitz and Maci. I've fallen in love with creating an intentional, mindful, beautiful life as a form of self care and personal growth. I love to integrate intentional mindfulness in every day activities and, though I'm in no way a professional decorator, chef, or carpenter (among many other things), I manage to work towards beauty and joyfulness in many of our daily activities.

As a professional therapist, I meet with and talk with people throughout each week. As we're discussing their lives and ways in which they can incorporate mindfulness, intentionality, personal growth, and gratitude within their day to day activities, many ask me specific ways in which I do this. If I can share what I do and learn as I go along and inspire and empower someone to live more intentionally and mindfully, how much more fulfilling will life be?

And so, here it begins. This blog is a way to share fun, beautiful, mindful, intentional ideas along with my struggles and failed experiments (life is full of those as well). This blog will be full of cooking, baking, pets, fitness, beauty, wellness, travel, and gratitude. Good books, thoughtful movies, quotes, and inspiring lives may also make appearances.

I'm hoping to build a community of like minded individuals, so please subscribe and comment often. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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