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Hello!  Thanks for stopping by!

My name’s Sandy, and I’m the person behind the blog.  I live in a small town outside of Nashville, TN with my husband Macon, and I have an obsession with living a healthy, lovely, beautiful life in all aspects.

I like to take a holistic approach to life and work.  There are so many things we can do every day which add up to a lovelier life.

In my work life, I'm a professional counselor and I'm absolutely passionate about working with clients and helping them move towards healthier lives in all areas.  In my personal life, I love living out the skills, thoughts, ideas, and passions I talk about with clients.

I love sharing all kinds of things with you . . . from interiors, to skincare, wellbeing, pets, and cooking.

It’s not about leading a ‘perfect life’ – not at all!

But making things a little bit prettier, or a bit more enjoyable IS do-able and that’s my sweet spot.

I hope you’ll enjoy perusing the blog!  There are LOTS to explore here.

If you fancy getting to know a bit more about me, there’s the long-length bio below, otherwise recharge your mug/glass (no judgement! ☕️????!) and enjoy a peruse of The Cozy Counselor.

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About Sandy: About
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More about me

I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor  I'm also certified as a mental health integrative medicine provider.  I've been serving clients for over 35 years in many different capacities.  I'm still passionate about what I do and helping others.  Even my name, Sandra, means helper of people.   

My husband and I are empty nesters who enjoy creating an intentional life that is lovely and mindful.  Spending time with our dogs, sitting on the back porch watching for the deer (including a gorgeous albino deer!), creating nourishing meals, working out together, and creating a space which we can enjoy and that inspires us all work together to create a simply wonderful life.  

About Sandy: Welcome
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